80w UVC Corn Light Quartz Tube 254 nm Smart Fixture Commercial Grade Tripod Combo


EPA Company No. 100864 || Est No: 100864-FL-1


Real 80w Quartz Tube UVC Corn Light Smart Fixture Commercial Grade Tripod Bundle

Portable Tripod UVC Corn Lamp offers medical-grade UVC Wavelength 254nm Technology with effective safety features including a motion sensor that will turn off the lights, as soon as any movement occurs in the room.  UVC disinfects large rooms within minutes. Included is a wireless remote control that can turn the bulbs on/off or set a timer for intervals of 30 minutes.

UVC disinfecting light is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses – even coronaviruses like SARS. UVC is harmful to skin eyes if not wearing protection. UVC lights are powerful enough to kill bacteria need to be handled and used with care. Upon purchase of a unit, we will provide safety protocols and tutorials. This UVC light technology is perfect for homes and businesses.

  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Tripod Finish:  Black
  • UVC Wattage: 80W per bulb
  • Voltage: 110V (North America)
  • UV-C Wavelength: 254nm (germicidal ultraviolet light)


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